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Submissions for IWMW 2020 now closed!

The offficial closing date for submisisons to IWMW 2020 was 21 January 2020. Submissions are now closed.

About IWMW

The Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) is the premier annual event for managers and practitioners in higher education (HE) web and digital teams across the UK.

Each year reflects the main themes, challenges and opportunities facing teams in the sector. IWMW 2020 will be the 24th event in the series. 

The annual event is your chance to connect with and learn from peers and leaders in digital services, both from within higher education and outside of it.

You will be able to share and grow your ideas and skills in an encouraging, open and honest environment. IWMW is a safe and supportive space to learn, contribute and generate conversations, both during the event sessions and social activities that surround it.

Submitting a proposal for IWMW 2020


Phase 1 of the submission process is now over. In the first phase we prioritised submssions from those working in the higher education sector, in particular submissions from individuals, institutions and groups who may not have been well-represented at previous IWMW events.

We are pleased to say that we received 14 submissions which included 4 from new speakers and 3 from early career professionals. There was a roughly even balance of male and female speakers, and 2 submissions from spekaers based at Russell Gorup universities and 4 from other universities. THere were also 3 submissions from higher educational agencies.

We are now opening submissions to the wider sector, including those from the commercial sector. We will, of course, continue to welcome submissions from those working in the higher educations sector.

Who can submit a proposal?

We welcome submissions from anyone involved in any aspect of the web and digital professions, including (but not limited to!) HE web and digital teams, vendors, agencies and individuals working with HE teams. We also encourage those outside of the HE sector to share their experiences and learnings with us

We cpntinue to welcome  submissions from early career professionals and first-time speakers looking to make their conference debut. 

Read the recent blog post on “Speakers at IWMW events: looking at the past and preparing for the future” which details our speaker profile from the last few years and our latest goals to enhance the diversity of IWMW speakers.

Note: the process and submission form below is for those currently working in the HE Sector. Those working in the commercial sector are asked to get in touch with the event organisers in the first instance to submit their ideas.

Session types

There have traditionally been two main session types at IWMW:

  • plenaries: talks lasting for 30-45 minutes delivered to all conference delegates in the main lecture hall
  • workshops (60 to 90 minutes): breakout sessions to teach a small group of attendees a skill in an interactive way

Over the past couple of years, we have embraced new ways of delivering content including:

  • shorter plenary talks (10 to 15 minutes)
  • lightning plenary talks (up to 5 minutes)
  • panel plenary talks
  • lean-coffee sessions 

We encourage you to submit proposals that either introduce us to new session types or revive some ones we’ve tried in the past, along the theme of this year’s event (see below).

A post on “The Different Types of Sessions Held at IWMW Events” published on the IWMW blog gave background to the different types of sessions held at previous events.

You can also see the IWMW 2019 programme for links to session details and materials used at last year’s event.

IWMW 2020 theme: “Evolution and Revolution in the HE Digital Community”

Our theme this year – Evolution and Revolution in the HE Digital Community – recognises the need for both incremental and transformational approaches to the development of digital services and builds on our 2019 theme: “Times They Are A-Changin’”.

HE Digital teams need to be adaptable to change, be that changes in user behaviour, institutional structures, strategy and objectives, external legislation or new technologies. How teams react to these changes can be evolutionary or revolutionary.

We recognise that small changes can have big impacts, but also that a more transformational revolution may be needed to meet the demands of our external and internal audiences.

This is your opportunity to share with IWMW delegates how your different approaches have been successful in meeting these changing demands and what the future might hold for this active and innovative community. 

The IWMW audience

The event attracts a broad range of attendees involved in HE web/digital services across all skill levels, including:

  • managers of web and digital services
  • web developers
  • digital content, communications and marketing practitioners
  • senior managers engaging with Digital Transformation initiatives at their institution
  • vendors and agencies which deal with institutional web and digital teams

Speaker support and benefits

There are a number of benefits for speakers:

  • Reduced event ticket rate (includes full event attendance and attendee refreshments and social programme)
  • The option (for plenary speakers) to have a video recording of your session which you can share with your colleagues, peers – and potential future employers!
  • A great addition to your CV and chance to represent your institution/company to the UK HE sector

The event organisers also provide support in order to maximise the experience for speakers and delegates

  • Feedback from our Advisory Group and access to our speaker guidelines handbook to help get your session in top shape
  • A Speaker Buddy Scheme which matches first-time or less-seasoned speakers with those more familiar with speaking or running a workshop at an IWMW event
  • A supportive audience keen to learn from you and to add to your professional network

Speaker terms
(the small print!)

Finalising the event programme

Submissions are reviewed by the event co-chairs and, where necessary the IWMW Oversight Group.

Inclusion of a session in the event programme will be at the sole discretion of the event organisers. By agreeing to have your session included in the programme you agree to participate in the event and in all pre-event quality control activities as deemed necessary by the event organisers. You also agree to promote your session and involvement in the build up to the event. We will provide a range of assets and key messages to support any promotional efforts.

The organisers reserve the right to remove a session from the programme at any time.

Ticket price for speakers

Speakers pay the discounted entry rate for speakers if they wish to participate in the event. If speakers only wish to attend their talk they will not have to pay.

How to submit your proposal

The key dates are:

  • 14 November 2019: Online submission process opens
  • 31 December 2019: Phase 1 of the call for submissions closes
  • 3 January 2020: Phase 2 of the call for submissions opens
  • 17 January 2020: Phase 2 of the call for submissions closes

Submit your proposal now

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