Advisory Group

The advisory group for IWMW events aims to:

  • identify key themes and subject areas of relevance to members of institutional web and digital teams
  • suggest possible speakers
  • advise on the format of the event
  • promote the event
  • support the delivery of the event

Members of the advisory group are usually experienced members of institutional web/digital teams, although we also try to ensure that there are new members of the group every year in order to provide fresh insights. This year we have four new members.

We also seek to ensure that the advisory group membership provides a geographical spread, with a range of areas of particular interest.


Members of the IWMW 2020 Advisory Group

The IWMW 2020 event has been postponed due to Coronavirus. Howevre we are grateful to members of the IWMW 2020 Advisory Group who supported the planning for the event. We intend to make use of the planning activities for the IWMW 2021 event.   

The membres of the Advisory Group were:


Biographical details


Brian Kelly

Independent consultant and IWMW founder

Brian Kelly helped establish the first institutional web service at the University of Leeds in January 1993.

In 1996 Brian started work at UK Web Focus at UKOLN, University of Bath and worked full-time for a period of 17 years promoting innovative uses and best practices of the web. A key channel for this work was the Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) series which was launched in July 1997. Brian has been chair or co-chair of all 23 IWMW events held to date.

When not organising IWMW events Brian spends time in Bridport and visits other places in Dorset, and occasionally performs the rapper sword dance at folk festivals and around pubs (with wooden floors).

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Claire Gibbons

Independent consultant and IWMW 2020 co-chair

Claire Gibbons

Claire Gibbons is a consultant, working across the HE and charity sectors on web and digital improvement projects, digital governance framework developments and digital marketing.

Prior to going freelance in the summer of 2016, Claire headed up the Web and Print teams at the University of Bradford and was responsible for the University’s website and printed materials, leading two small teams of web and print specialists for many years, and through many a change.

Since then, Claire has worked with five universities across the UK and Ireland as well as with some of the well-known companies associated with the HE Digital sector.

Claire’s general mantra in life is ‘user first’ especially across all aspects of the student journey and is always on the look-out for new collaborations and initiatives to enable teams and individuals to work better together to improve the user journey within a well-governed framework.

Claire has been involved with IWMW events since attending her first IWMW conference in 2000, where the millennium bug failed to bite, and has been a regular speaker and workshop leader at many IWMW events since. Claire became co-chair of the IWMW Advisory Group and event in 2017 in order to support the long-term sustainability of the IWMW event.

In her spare time Claire can be seen at gigs, festivals, walking around glorious West Yorkshire, in the gym or the local pubs of Saltaire, not necessarily in that order.

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Andrew Millar

Head of Web Services, University of Dundee

Andrew Millar has responsibility for the overall web estate and underlying strategy for web within the University of Dundee.

We have embarked on a massive project to completely rip out our entire corporate site and build it from the ground up. Our main problems are not primarily technical in nature, but cultural. So a large part of my role is trying to bring people together from across the institution and encouraging them to think differently about how we “do web” at the University of Dundee.

IWMW 2020 will be my ninth time attending the conference, and every year I love it more: “I came looking for tips and tricks, but I’ve stayed for the community! For the past four years I’ve been on the Advisory and Oversight Groups that help to make the conference a reality. I love generating conversations around change and culture and hope to try and do more of that this year“.

Further information:


Rob Ryder-Richardson

UX Manager, University of Dundee

Rob Ryder-Richardson graduated from the University of Dundee in Applied Computing BSc (Hons) and Design Ethnography MSc. In January 2019, Rob started a part-time PhD in Computing. Rob has been working for the University of Dundee since 2013.

In December 2018, the University of Dundee embarked on replacing their web estate. Therefore, Rob is often out of the office speaking to users and testing the website.

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Lauren Tormey

Content Designer, University of Edinburgh

Lauren Tormey is part of the University of Edinburgh’s newly formed Prospective Student Web Content team. She works in a content design role focusing on improving the digital provision for recruitment content.

She has been a workshop facilitator at the past three IWMW events and is excited to be returning to the Advisory Group for 2020. At Greenwich, she organised a conference run and photo scavenger hunt, so she very much looks forward to planning some social fun times for delegates to take part in at Dundee. If you have any ideas, she would love to hear them.

In her spare time, Lauren is a keen cinephile and runner. In 2019, she ran a 10k race each month somewhere different in the UK, and is embarking on a few half marathons in 2020.

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Gemma Wilks

 Web Designer, University of Nottingham

As an experiencer herself, Gemma Wilks utilises her vast knowledge in visual and user experience design to decrease frustration and increase satisfaction for end users across the institution’s online platforms. She loves working with customers to shape the future of the University’s digital presence.

Keen to give people exactly what they want, Gemma has recently started hosting web drop-in sessions at the University of Nottingham. These give web contributors a bi-monthly opportunity to meet up, share ideas, learn a thing or two and hear about the latest features of the institution’s CMS.

Aside from digital design, Gemma runs a sideline, Photography by Gem, shooting eye catching photos for dating and professional profiles. She also dabbles with salsa dancing so if you vaguely know how to follow a beat, show her your moves one evening at IWMW!

Further information:


Chris Lomas

Head of Web Services, Edge Hill University

Chris Lomas is Head of Web Services at Edge Hill University where he has held various roles in the Web Team within IT Services for the last 7 years. Chris has “a University wide responsibility for the strategic development and operational management of Web Services” and the Web Team works closely with colleagues in Marketing to ensure the technical delivery of Web Services meets the marketing and other business needs of the institution.

Chris has led a number of high profile projects across the university, including the move to a single point of truth for course data in a new eProspectus with XCRI-CAP integration, which was presented at IWMW at Northumbria University.

Before joining Edge Hill, Chris was a freelance developer for 10 years, working with commercial clients across a wide range of sectors, from the early days of CMS websites, to the integration of web-services for complex business processes. He also completed his PhD in Agile Engineering at Durham University in 2009 and tries to bring his research into operating in an unpredictable environment to his work in HE.

Outside of work Chris has a busy family life, enjoys triathlons, is a volunteer with the Scouts and local Mountain Rescue Team and is a School Governor.

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Rob Fowles

Digital Marketing Manager, University of Derby

Robert Fowles is the Digital Marketing Manager at the University of Derby with responsibility over the institutions website, brand level social media channels and providing support and training for associated systems. 

Rob has led a number of significant projects including the redevelopment of the University website and is now taking a significant role in improving web governance and digital accessibility across the institution.

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Peter Briers

Senior Web Developer, University of Derby

Peter Briers is the Senior Web Developer at the University of Derby. His role within the marketing department is to continuously evolve the University’s front facing website. This can vary from building new functionality to governance to training.

Peter joined the University in November 2015 following several years working with ecommerce websites in the private sector. He led the redevelopment of the University’s website, streamlining content and creating a single set of responsive assets that fit with the new University brand.

In his spare time Peter spends his time ‘groundhopping’, visiting football grounds up and down the country to watch games and working the land at his allotment.

Having attended and benefited from the previous 3 IWMW’s as part of 2020 Advisory Group Peter is keen to contribute to the organisation and running of the event.

Further information:


Duncan Ireland

Web Manager, University of the Highlands and Islands

Duncan Ireland is responsible for leading a small team delivering the institutional website, social media and digital advertising. They also provide a shared service, running 11 of the university’s 13 partner college websites on a common design and technology platform.

Since joining the IWMW community in 2003, he has been a regular attendee and runs the regional group – Scottish Web Folk.

In his spare time, Duncan can be found exploring the Highlands and Islands (mostly in close proximity to distilleries, whisky shops and cafes).

Further information:

  • Job title: Web Manager
  • Department: Marketing and Planning
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @webdunk
  • LinkedIn: duncanireland
  • Institutional website:


Swéta Rana

Web Manager, Middlesex University

Swéta Rana manages the web team at Middlesex University, within the Student Marketing and UK Recruitment team. She is a keen advocate for maintaining a broad digital skillset, and has trained and developed her team of two in advanced CMS use, UX, accessibility, CSS, analytics, and content management. This has fostered a proactive mindset in the small web team, meaning they’re able to self-serve and deliver many projects independently despite lacking a developer.

Prior to Middlesex, she worked in digital content roles at London South Bank University and Ofcom. Swéta holds a BA Philosophy and Theology from Oxford and an MA Publishing in UCL; the jump to the web world was unexpected but incredibly rewarding!

Swéta’s a firm believer that diversity transforms and benefits any organisation, and is dedicated to promoting an inclusive culture in the digital industry. She hopes being involved in the IWMW 2020 advisory group will give her the opportunity to further encourage this, as well as give her the chance to learn from experts in the field. Outside of work Swéta enjoys film and TV, freelance writing, swimming, playing piano, and very slowly attempting to learn Hindi

Further information:


Danny Rosario

Head of Digital and Design, Brunel University

Danny Rosario leads the development of the University’s external and internal digital marketing, recruitment and communication platforms.

Danny has created an integrated content architecture, management and technical development service that designs and delivers engaging and accessible digital platforms. He also leads the University’s design function, improving the way that design services are delivered, work is prioritised, and the brand is implemented in all of the university’s printed materials.

In his spare time Danny tries to keep fit and is (trying to) learn how to swim after numerous false starts! He is also working on restoring a Golf Mk1 model.

As a member of the advisory group Danny is looking to share good practice, learn from peers, and help each other out. He has attended IWMW events since the Edinburgh event in 2012 when he was thrilled to discover that he was not alone with the issues he faces!   

Further information:

  • Job title: Head of Digital and Design
  • Department: Communications, Marketing and Student Recruitment
  • LinkedIn: dannyrozario
  • Institutional website: