Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

This talk considers the choice of WordPress as a content management platform and how this can reduce technical debt and provide a reasonably stable platform for web content in a rapidly changing content management ecosystem. WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world, powering over 25% of websites with almost a 60% market share of traffic. It has interoperability features such as import/export in multiple formats, a mature API and command line tools, making it easy to migrate content to and from different platforms. During the past 9 years Peter Edwards has been involved in over 200 content migrations of websites from various platforms and systems to WordPress, which now hosts over 500 websites at the University of Leeds.

In this talk Peter Edwards will outline why WordPress is a good choice, and the strategies we use to make it a manageable platform at scale. He will talk about some of the more complex migration tasks he has undertaken, and our experience of different hosting providers we have used for the service.