All the pieces matter – getting started with structured content

Universities are under pressure to provide increasingly richer digital experiences.

Your teams are being asked to create and deliver content to a seemingly endless list of channels and devices.

But, duplicating content across different systems invites inconsistency, can dilute branding, and is a governance headache.

Many organisations are looking to break their content down into small chunks and store it in a way that makes it easy to reuse. Structured content allows you to create content once and publish it everywhere. It ensures your content is ready for the next big device or platform, now.

Join this workshop to learn:

  • What structured content is and how it can play an essential part in your digital transformation
  • How to plan your move from traditional WYSIWYG pages to structured content – and what to do before you even touch a CMS
  • Who you should involve and how to get your colleagues on board with your project


  • Title: All the pieces matter – getting started with structured content
  • Type: Workshop
  • Hashtag: #B3
  • Facilitator: Ryan Bromley, Zengenti
  • Date and time: 15.30-16.25, Wednesday 26 June 2019