Lauren Tormey

Lauren Tormey

Lauren Tormey is part of the University of Edinburgh’s Website & Communications team. She uses her editorial, CMS and UX skills to help the 1000+ web publisher community to manage more effective, user-focused websites. As well as day-to-day support, she works on a wide range of website enhancement projects and manages the publication of a quarterly magazine promoting the activities of the University’s Information Services.

Outside of the University of Edinburgh, she engages with (and sometimes speaks at) the Edinburgh UX meetup and Scottish Web Folk groups.

She has been a workshop facilitator at the past two IWMW events and is excited to be working with the Advisory Group to make 2019 the best IWMW yet.

In her spare time, Lauren is a keen cinephile and a recent adopter of the world of running. In 2019, she is embarking on running a 10k race each month somewhere in the UK. So watch out, she may be running to a town near you.

Further information

Lauren was a workshop facilitator at IWMW 2017 and IWMW 2018. Lauren is also a member of the IWMW 2019 advisory group.

Workshop and Lightning Talk

Lauren facilitated a workshop session on “Cascading Style Guides: Finding Evidence For Editorial Best Practice“.

Lauren also gave a lightning talk on “Empower your younger colleagues to speak at conferences“.