Charlotte Brewer

Charlotte Brewer is passionate about accessibility, and user experience and how these are essential parts of the creation of content.

As she describes:

“I was really introduced to this stuff at the University of Bath, having been part of the team who started the ambitious project of redesigning and rewriting the University website. I learnt a lot from my colleagues there and am always wanting to learn more as I continue my career.

I’m now part of the University of Bristol digital team, where I help redevelop sections of the website based on user needs, analytics and best practice. We’re keen to increase training for our web publishers around the University. The team and I have been developing several guides and workshops to help make sure publishers know how to make their content user-friendly, accessible and effective.

In my ‘spare time’ I am a Cub leader. Highlights include film canister rockets, summer camp by the sea and a three-tier cardboard caving system. Organising weekly sessions and regular camps keep me very busy, but it’s so worth it.”

Further information

Lightning talk
Charlotte gave a lightning talk on “My accessibility journey”.