Links to Twitter resources about the IWMW 2019 event are given below.

TAGS Twitter Archives for #IWMW19

Automatically aggregated for all #IWMW19 tweet are available. See the:

Wakelet Twitter Archives

See the following Twitter archives hosted on Wakelet:

In addition there are collections of Twitter archives for each of the individual plenary sessions. See the individual session page for links.

Twitter Archive for  Plenary Talks

Archives of tweets have been collected using the Wakelet service for the individual plenary sessions (i.e. tweets containing #iwmw19 #pn where n is 0-15):

Note that links to the Wakelet Twitter archives are included in the abstract page for each of the plenary sessions. The following table provides access to all of the Wakelet Twitter archives. Note that if you hover the cursor over the session code (e.g. over “P1” the session title will be displayed.

[P0]: [archive][P1]: [archive][P2]: [archive][P3]: [archive]
[P4]: [archive][P5]: [archive][P6]: [archive][P7]: [archive]
[P8]: [archive][P9]: [archive][P10]: [archive][P11]: [archive]
[P12]: [archive][P13]: [archive] [P14]: [archive][P15]: [archive]
[ST1]: [archive][ST2]: [archive] [ST3]: [archive] [ST4]: [archive]



According to the TAGS Explorer visualisation of #IWMW19 tweets by 29 June 2019:

In addition the Wakelet service collected 1,025 tweets which were posted with the #iwmw19 hashtag from 23 to 28 June 2019.