Carley Hollis

Carley Hollis is the head of the digital communications team at the University of St Andrews. Her background is in content strategy and marketing, but she now focuses on digital governance, strategy and the education of colleagues across the University. She is the spokesperson for the diversely skilled ten-person digital communications team, and communicates the vision for the future of digital at St Andrews. Recent years have seen St Andrews undertake a large-scale programme of projects to completely overhaul the external facing webpages whilst also (slowly) changing the perception of the team, their projects and products. Next steps involve thinking about how they can continue to carry the digital transformation agenda into the future.

Carley first attended IWMW in 2015, and was a first-time plenary speaker at IWMW 2017, giving a talk titled ‘High Sights, High Standards‘. She’s interested in ensuring that the IWMW 2018 programme is as diverse as the sector is, and would like to ensure that senior management across institutions are made aware of IWMW. She’s also thinking about how we can encourage more networking – not just during the conference, but in the weeks leading up to and after it. Despite generally eschewing organised fun, she’s already started to think of questions for the conference dinner quiz!

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Panel session

Carley took part in a panel session on “Blending Internal and External Services” on Thursday 12 July 2018 and gave a lightning talk on the same day.