Delegate Logistics 2: Sharing During the Event

Using Twitter

We love to see your tweets about the event. We keep things organised and findable using a series of hashtags. The event hashtag is #iwmw18 with each session having an individual hashtag associated with it. The codes are given on the programme and have the format Pn, An or Bn.

So, if you were tweeting about Alison Kerwin’s plenary talk your tweet could look like this:

Great to see @alisonkerwin speaking at #iwmw18 Lots of top tips for putting digital at the core of team activities #P1

Or, for Paul Boag’s masterclass on Thursday:

Once again @boagworld doesn’t disappoint. Great session on overcoming resistance to create a better user experience. Nice one #iwmw18 #B3

You get the idea! If you have a mobile device you will be able to follow the tweets as they are posted, even if you do not use Twitter yourself.

We hope to provide some spot prizes for tweets we particularly like, so we encourage delegates to tweet!

Also note that we will provide an archive of event tweets. Such archives can be particularly helpful for event speakers and facilitators who are able to get speedy feedback on their talks.

Sharing Photographs

Although Twitter is popular for sharing photographs of IWMW events delegates may prefer to use other photographic sharing services, such as Instagram. In order to enable photos to be easily discovered it is suggested they are tagged with the tag “iwmw18”.


Any event announcements will be made by the session Chair so listen out for news of where to go for the conference dinner, how to get a taxi into town for any lost and found items, etc. If you want to make an announcement contact the session Chair.