How To Be A Productivity Ninja

The workshop will provide background into the nine key attributes we see a Productivity Ninja as having – many of these attributes have a key relevance to the IT and development community: the facilitator has used them as an IT professional to help dramatically improve his own level of productivity. He used to find that people’s expectations of an IT team, whether delivery, support or development, used to be far removed from our own limitations as a team. This workshop will help the participants understand their limitations as humans, work to their strengths as both individuals and teams and help bring the fun back to their working days as they will be stressing less, but achieving more.


  • Title: How To Be A Productivity Ninja
  • Type: Workshop
  • Hashtag: #A11
  • Speaker: Lee Garrett
  • Date and time: 16.00-17.30 on Tuesday 11 July 2017