Data: The Most Untapped Resource in your Student Retention Strategy

Data: Beyond the Quick Wins in Your Student Retention Strategy (Updated Abstract)

Higher Education has long been a sector rich in data. However, the increasingly digital ways a student can, and will choose to interact with their university, has drawn a light to the vast number of data points which can be collected on a student – from wifi usage, to overdue library books. Students don’t mind giving you all of this data – provided they get the same digital experience at university as they do in other aspects of their lives. Data should empower you support your students better – otherwise, what’s the point?

Retention-focused tools and strategies can potentially provide a quick-fix, but universities who are striving beyond quick wins are taking a more institution-wide, data-centric approach to student retention success. Getting buy-in across the university is a cultural shift that everyone needs to buy into if this is to succeed.

Through industry case studies, research and discussion, Adam Frank and Esther Berry’s session will explore the relationship between retention and the entire student experience and help get away from some of the stigma surrounding data. This session will also address how to open up the discussion of an all-encompassing digital strategy in place of short term quick wins, and explore the different solutions that can shape a successful student experience.


  • Title: Data: The Most Untapped Resource in your Student Retention Strategy
  • Type: Workshop session which lasts for 90 minutes
  • Hashtag: #A10
  • Facilitators: Adam Frank and Esther Berry, Squiz
  • Date and time: 16.00-17.30 on Tuesday 11 July 2017