AI and Data: Evolving the Student Experience

AI, Data and the Student Experience are becoming ever more entwined. Whilst this presents many opportunities for Higher Education, it also presents much confusion. We’re bringing three experts, specialising in AI, Data Analytics and Experience Strategy, to deliver a masterclass on what this type of technological advancement really means for the future of Higher Education.

Join this masterclass to break through the AI buzzwords and learn what is really needed to bring AI into your digital-first strategy (hint: it begins and ends with data).

By the end of this masterclass you will know:

  • The cultural and political changes impacting students’ expectations that you should be taking note of when incorporating AI into your digital-first strategy
  • The different types of AI and what roles they can (and will) play in the student experience
  • What is needed to achieve the level of AI predicted by industry experts
  • What the different types of data (big, static and fluid) mean in the context of higher education
  • How to use this data to revolutionise your students’ experience


  • Title: AI and Data: Evolving the Student Experience
  • Type: Master class session which lasts for about 2.5 hours
  • Hashtag: #B6
  • Facilitators: Josh Somma, Steph Bradley and Toby Margetts, Squiz
  • Date and time: 14.50-17.30 on Wednesday 12 July 2017