Brian Kelly


Brian Kelly helped established the first institutional web service at the University of Leeds in January 1993. Convinced of the importance of the web, Brian gave a series of presentations about the web at conferences around the country, at first to a sceptical audience (Gopher was felt to be the networked technology of the future at that time) but soon the relevance of the web became obvious.

In 1996 started work as UK Web Focus at UKOLN, University of Bath and worked full-time for a period of 17 years promoting use and best practices of the web. A key channel for this work was the Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) series which was launched in July 1997.

This year Brian is co-chairing the event with Claire Gibbons. Brian is the main contact for liaison with speakers and workshop facilitators, technical issues and financial and administrative issues.

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Brian Kelly gave the opening and closing talks, chaired the opening session and facilitated a master class on “A Communications Infrastructure for the UK HE Digital Community” from 14.50-17.30 on Wednesday 12th July 2017.