“Page Not Found”: Practical Web Preservation Advice

This session has been cancelled.

Web managers often seek to ensure web site content is timely, relevant, but may overlook the importance of ensuring continuity of access to legacy resources, with the result that users are confronted with unexpected results, 404 pages, link rot. University websites have many drivers to ensure not only current but historical information remains accessible. In addition, systems such as those in the Library may be heavily dependent on continuity of web addressing for referencing and cataloguing. This can be accommodated effectively in web site development projects, even if the new site is radically different from the old, but a full impact analysis encompassing all stakeholders is essential. The approach chosen to maintaining continuity is less important than that there is an approach!

In this workshop we will identify the key institutional issues and drivers for web preservation in HE institutions, and approaches to addressing them, including server-side redirection, time-based CMS, static snapshots, and using external archives.

Facilitator: Richard Davis
Time: Monday 27th July from 16.00-17.30
Code: A4