Rapid Development: Analytics reporting powered by Google Apps Scripts

Note: this session is now full.

Like many other organisations the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) has a presence in multiple spaces beyond its own domain. YouTube channels, social networks including Twitter and Google+, JISCMail Listserv lists and more make up the rich tapestry of services used by ALT. All these services vary in access to analytics data if data is available at all. In this workshop we demonstrate how the Association has used the free Google Apps Script service which is part of Google Drive to rapidly develop a custom reporting dashboard. We demonstrate some of the easy wins achievable through Apps Script’s integration with other Google APIs as wells as other options for API data wrangling as well as guerrilla tactics such as direct web scraping and well as using web scraping services and APIs.

Facilitator: Martin Hawksey, Association for Learning Technology (ALT)

Session code: A1