The ‘Web cooperative’ [B2]


This session is about how the central ‘web team’ can provide leadership by educating, training, and enabling colleagues at all levels across the organisation.

Does any of the following describe your experience:

  • University governance structures that don’t always lend themselves to the rapid changes seen in the ‘digital’ domain, and senior managers with limited experience or knowledge to integrate digital across the traditional activities of the HE sector.
  • Small and overworked central web teams – where this experience or knowledge might exist – placed and kept at an operational level within the organisation (usually in MarComms or IT), with no remit to take an institution-wide overview.
  • An increasing number of staff outside the centre with varying levels of various ‘web’ skills taking on, or being asked to take on, a ‘web’ role (sometimes with no extra time to do so), who often have no choice but to go their own way because of the limited or slow-to-adapt central direction and stretched central resource.

So how is the digital presence of the institution best managed and led?

In this session we’ll look at how we can improve things through management reporting, policies and frameworks, internal processes, procurement, staff training and communication, cooperative working, and peer support.