Parallel Session B

Delegates could attend one of the following parallel sessions:

B1: Augmented Reality on Smart Phones
Ben Butchart. See abstract for session and Ben Butchart’s biographical details.

B2: The ‘Web cooperative’
Helen Setchell. See abstract for session and Helen Setchell’s biographical details.

B3: The Economical way to Amplify Your Event
Marieke Guy and Brian Kelly. See abstract for session and Marieke Guy’s and Brian Kelly’s biographical details.

B4: Developing Using Third Parties – is the tail wagging the dog?
Keith Doyle. See abstract for session and Keith Doyle’s biographical details.

B5: Open data; a little goes a long way
Chris Gutteridge. See abstract for session and Chris Gutteridge’s biographical details.

B6: Doing Drupal: quick start deployments via distributions
Thom Bunting. See abstract for session and Thom Bunting’s biographical details.

B7: Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact
George Munroe. See abstract for session and George Munroe’s biographical details.