Parallel Sessions A

Delegates could attend one of the following parallel sessions:

A1: RDFa from theory to practice
Adrian Stevenson, Mark Dewey and Thom Bunting. See abstract for session and Adrian Stevenson’sThom Bunting’s and Mark Dewey’s biographical details.

A2: A Little Project Management Can Save a Lot of Fan Cleaning
Peter Barnes and Matt Jukes. See abstract for session and Peter Barnes’ and Matt Juke’s biographical details.

A3: Location Based Services Without the Cocoa
Ben Butchart and Murray King. See abstract for session and Ben Butchart’s and Murray King’s biographical details.

A4: ‘Follow us on Twitter’…’Join our Facebook group’
Joanna Blackburn. See abstract for session and Joanna Blackburn’s biographical details.

A5: Usability and User Experience on a Shoestring
Stuart Church. See abstract for session and Stuart Church’s biographical details.

A6: Sheffield Made Us – using social media to engage students in the university brand
Dave Stanley. See abstract for session and Dave Stanley’s biographical details.

A7: FlashMash
Owen Stephens. See abstract for session and Owen Stephen’s biographical details.

A8: Stylesheets for mobile/smartphones
Helen Sargan. See abstract for session and Helen Sargan’s biographical details.

A9: Getting Awesome Results from Data Visualisation
Rich Kirk. See abstract for session and Rich Kirk’s biographical details.

A10: My superpower is content curation. What’s yours?
Relly Annett-Baker. See abstract for session and Relly Annett-Baker’s biographical details.