“Where’s the University?”: building an institutional geolocation service [B4]


Do you know where you are? The JISC-funded Erewhon Project has been looking at the use of geolocation-aware Web services.

Increasingly we see institutions using geographic metadata to provide and enhance a range of services and applications both on the ‘traditional’ web and the growing mobile web. This workshop will share our findings with the wider higher education community and test some of the project hypotheses.

The session will cover topics such as:

  • How to (and how not to!) gather and store geographic metadata
  • Discussion of institutional barriers to data-gathering and service provision
  • A wide range of use cases for geodata
  • Real life applications and mashups – from maps to mobiles
  • How mobile devices are raising the game for geolocation
  • Developing ontologies for modelling the physical and political structure of a university

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • have an understanding of what is required to build a geolocation service for their institution
  • be more aware of the technological and social issues involved
  • have concrete examples of geolocation-aware web services
  • have ideas for services they could implement in their own institution


See slides hosted on Slideshare