Parallel Sessions A

Delegates could attend one of the following parallel sessions.

A1: Embracing Web 2.0 Technologies to Grease the Wheels of Team Cohesion
Andy Ramsden and Marieke Guy, University of Bath. See abstract for session and Andy Ramsden’s and Marieke Guy’s biographical details.
A2: Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Support a Brand Focused Marketing Strategy
Helen Aspell, University of Southampton and James Souttar, Precedent. See abstract for session and Helen Aspell’s and James Souttar’s biographical details.
A3: Coping with Forms: Implementing a Web Form Management Application
Dan Jackson, City University. See abstract for session and Dan Jackson’s biographical details.
A4: Stuff what We’re doing at Edge Hill University
Mike Nolan, Edge Hill University. See abstract for session and Mike Nolan’s biographical details.
A5: The ‘other’ Accessibility Guidelines – the Importance of Authoring Tool Accessibility Evaluation in a Web 2.0 World
David Sloan, University of Dundee. See abstract for session and David Sloan’s biographical details.
A6: Mashups: More than Maps
Mike Ellis, Eduserv. See abstract for session and Mike Ellis’ biographical details.
A7: Introducing Socialearn
Tony Hirst, Open University. See abstract for session and Hirst’s biographical details.
A8: Mind Mapping for Effective Content Management
Stephen Evans and Gareth Saunders, St Andrews. See abstract for session and Stephen Evans’ and Gareth Saunders’ biographical details.