XCRI: Syndicating the Online Prospectus [B6]


Although standards are maturing for exchanging student data between institutional systems, specifications for course information have so far been neglected. XCRI is a JISC-funded, community-driven project to develop a UK standard for eXchanging Course-Related Information. The briefing will show how collaborative technologies and an agile development philosophy have enabled an RSS-like XML specification to emerge and be refined through trials in UK higher and further education institutions. Those attending will be introduced to the XCRI-CAP Prospectus XML and learn the outcomes of JISC-funded national trials with UCAS and Lifelong Learning Networks. An open source aggregator that uses mash-ups to add value to collated course information will be demonstrated. Attendees will be invited to critique the XCRI concept and comment in particular on the challenges and opportunities for implementing XCRI in their own organisations.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the session attendees should:

  • Understand how the XCRI XML specification can be used to publish prospectus information
  • Know how to find out more about the XCRI community of practice