Intranet Managers’ Community Session [B3]


What is an intranet? Everyone has their own view of this. Is it content for just staff? Is it content for staff and students? Is it password protected content? Is it content which is only available within the firewall. All of these definitions can still be heard. For the purposes of this session, it will mean content, services and portals for internal users – staff and students – but excluding the Virtual Learning Environment, as this has its own technologies and strategies.

In most educational institutions, the intranet is not seen as a priority as, not unexpectedly, it often comes third behind student information and the virtual learning environment. However, the intranet can potentially make a huge difference to institutional admininistrative systems. This can improve efficiency, simplify work processes and therefore indirectly improve the student experience.

In this session, Keith Doyle will outline the elements of the University of Salford’s intranet and describe the four key elements of information architecture and how they have informed the development of the University of Salford intranet. There will be a chance for all participants to share local developments and examples of good practise in intranet and portal developments, with the ability to view institution’s password protected intranets. There will be a discussion of how a peer group might help support developments in this field.

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Gain a better understanding of existing activity around intranets and portals
  • Meet up with other people interested in this area, and raise the profile and energy around intranets.