Whose Web Do You Think It Is? Considering Web Accessibility And Usability From The Perspective Of Different User Groups [B1]


Drawing on findings from an EU-funded project (the European Internet Accessibility Observatory), this workshop session will start with a presentation on accessibility and usability, focussing firstly on the different ways end-users access the Web and some of the problems they are faced with, particularly if they are accessing in a non-standard format or using assistive technologies. The session will then consider some of the tensions that may arise between different user groups when striving to embrace an ‘access for all’ approach. For example, the Web designers who may want to have unrestricted creativity, without having to adhere to strict accessibility guidelines or rules; the Web managers who may have to implement institutional accessibility policies and guidelines relating to the Web and e-learning; the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) who want to widen access to the Web through use of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Learning Outcomes:

The aim of this session is to demonstrate the need to take different user requirements into consideration in order to properly inform accessibility related development, policy and management decisions, and how a more informed approach can help to address the possible tensions between different groups.
Participants will gain a better understanding of the different needs of user groups. This will help provide them with a more informed approach to Web accessibility and usability.