Hey! You! Get Offa My Web! Hidden Desires and Unforeseen Circumstances in Web Management [A1]


Have you ever watched in apoplectic, impotent horror as a new Web development at your institution:

  • broke accessibility guidelines
  • did not comply with the corporate style
  • was outsourced at great cost to an external company
  • was entirely written in Java or used a non-joined-up proprietary solution
  • ignored or trampled all over your department’s interests
  • considered users as an afterthought, if at all?
  • was delayed, diluted or rendered pointless by everyone & their dog sticking their oars in?
  • was given a trillion pounds by management when you’re struggling to cover your staff costs?

(Tick all that apply)
Of course you have!

All too often new Web developments are given to one particular group of ‘players’ in the University arena. No matter how well-intentioned, such developments inevitably have consequences beyond their perceived scope, often drastic ones!
How can you shape

developments in your favour if they are outside your immediate sphere of influence?
This highly participative workshop will help delegates identify the players who might help or hinder their progress and enable them build alliances with those who have the desire, capability and authority to make it happen.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Identify the major players who influence the Web development process at their institution
  • Identify steps and strategies for building alliances with these players
  • Consider the impact of their own Web developments on others