Parallel Sessions A

Delegates could attend one of the following parallel sessions.

  • A1: Defining the Role of the Web Editor, Ian Upton, University of Birmingham.
    Is a Web editor a technical guru or an information specialist? This session will reflect on the changing role of a Web editor.
  • A2: Developing an E-content Strategy for your Web Site, Tracey Stanley, University of Leeds.
    With many Web sites are now reaching breaking point in terms of volume and near-anarchy in terms of content creation, the workshop session addresses the need for Web site managers to take a strategic standpoint on Web content.
  • A3: Blogs & Wikis: Herding Cats?, Paul Browning, University of Bristol>
    Blogs & Wikis – what are they? How do they relate to each other? What role can they play in the provision of institutional Web services? Attend this session to find out the answers to these questions.
  • A4: Using your Ayes and Noes: Creating a Business Case for an Institutional Portal, Bo Middleton, University of Leeds>
    Considering implementing an institutional portal but confused by some who say ‘Aye’ and others who say ‘No’? Then this workshop is for you.
  • A5: Paper Prototyping in Practice, Paul Milne & Peigi McKillop, EDINA, University of Edinburgh.
    This workshop will give a practical demonstration of how paper prototyping can aid rapid Web development.
  • A6: Give The Dog A Plone, Dominic Hiles & Dr Kieren Pitts, ILRT, University of Bristol>
    This session will provide an introduction to the real-world implementation of the Plone Content Management System (CMS).
  • A7: Measuring the Impact of a CMS Implementation, Grant Malcolm, University of Western Australia.
    What effect will the increasing deployment of Content Management Systems have on the role of the Web manager?
  • A8: Integrating Legal Compliance into Web Management, Jason Campbell, University of Strathclyde.
    A workshop session which will address the legal issues of providing Web services.