Cheesy And Sad Images [B6]


Why do Web sites and prospectuses look nothing like the experience we are trying to portray?
Tired and unimaginative images and text risk putting off the audiences most institutions are trying to attract.
With an ever-increasing image-conscious audience how can we adapt our brand and keep up with the trends, without losing sight of our message?
This hands-on workshop/discussion group addresses the diverse needs of the institution where image and message are concerned, and considers the requirements of the client (from researcher to academic department, from services to students to conference organiser and everything in between).

Learning Outcomes:

The learning outcomes from the session are:

  • What students really think about the images we use (do they believe what we tell them or what they see!?)
  • 10 top tips for using (and re-using) images for the web and beyond
  • Photography/images on a budget
  • Useful web sites and books

Learning outcomes will come from the workshop/discussion group, as well as a range of Focus Groups conducted with students from Bradford and St. Martin’s and the experience of Bradford’s approach to ‘photography on a budget’