Can Librarians Transform The Institutional Web? [B1]


This session will assess the role which library staff can play in supporting the development of institutional Web sites. Library staff have always played a critical role in the facilitation of access to a wide range of information resources; and have used ‘traditional’ skills such as cataloguing and classification to organise, describe and index these materials.

In a digital environment, Library skills are becoming increasingly relevant in supporting the development of institutional web presences. Librarians have a role to play in finding, assessing and validating digital resources. They are also becoming increasing involved in the creation and management of digital content – for example, in the setting up and managing of e-print archives. Librarians are also becoming skilled at creating digital ‘pathways’ for their users, guiding them to the resources most likely to be of interest to them in a learning or research context.

The session will aim to identify the emerging roles for Library staff in supporting the development of the institutional Web, and will look at associated issues such as skills development and cultural change.