Vendor Presentations [C7]


An innovation at this year’s event is the Vendor Presentations session. This will provide participants with the opportunity to hear the latest news concerning software developments in areas of interest to institutional Web managers in the UK Higher and Further Educational community.

Company: IPP (Institution Programme Publishing):
Topic: About IPP
IPP (Institution Programme Publishing) enables you to publish your course, module or other information on the Web, e.g. Certificate, Undergraduate & Post-graduate courses; Continuing Education or Leisure programmes; module catalogues; public lectures; conferences and concerts.

IPP includes facilities for Web site user self-registration, Web enquiries, Web applications (using Adobe Acrobat forms), Web bookings and payments.

IPP is designed to integrate with SITS:Vison or other student record systems and has been developed with the support of funding from the SFEFC (Scottish Further Education Funding Council).

Company: Mediasurface
Topic: The Need for Content Management
The united front portrayed through a University Web site is one which is largely down to consistent brand, design and unified site structure. The Mediasurface content management solution enables faculty staff to input their own content while at the same time present a unified front to the viewing public. Find out how Northumbria University maximised on the unique capabilities of the Mediasurface CM solution to achieve exactly this.