The social dimension of IWMW events has always been regarded as an important aspect for developing and supporting the institutional web management community and this year was no exception.

The main events at the IWMW 2019 event were the barbecue on the first evening and a river cruise with dinner on the second evening, with various additional activities taking place during the event.

A summary of the feedback we received is given below.

  • River cruise was superb!
  • Two excellent events. Both seemed to manage to keep the community together for longer before people started to go off into smaller groups. 
  • Dinner cruise: best social activity ever!!
  • Thought the boat trip was a really nice idea!
  • The cruise was really special. I like that it kept everyone together for the final night. And I’m incredibly biased, but I think the run and photo scavenger hunt were great additions to the social schedule.
    The river cruise was next level. Loved the food, the quiz and the scenic journey down the Thames. Dundee will have to pull out all the stops in 2020 to even come close to this.
  • Preferred the informal nature of the BBQ to the formal sit-down on the boat. Boat was a bit too loud to easily have conversations.
  • I’m sure they were excellent but I didn’t attend either as we weren’t staying overnight unfortunately.
  • The barbecue felt a little flat, but that might have just been the fact that I was on my own and we hadn’t gelled as a group. The cruise was *stonkingly* good. Thank you so much to the sponsors for making this possible.
  • Great social events. Bit of a missed opportunity not to make the Union bar the hub of post-BBQ activity.
  • BBQ: food was only ok and the space was a bit cramped.
  • Didn’t get a beer at the BBQ. Was a ghettoised vegetarian on the cruise, but ended well 😉
  • Great events and great opportunities for networking!
  • I was not there for these, but the photos look good!
  • I missed the river cruise and meal because of the issue with the residences. I was really disappointed.
  • More encouragement for those that are not staying in the accommodation.
  • Murder Mystery next year! Really loved the river cruise. BBQ was nice too.
  • Very good, I also enjoyed the run
  • More beer please 🙂
  • Unfortunately my colleague and I sat down early for the cruise, and found ourselves on a table which only one other person joined. By the time we realised this was happening all spare cutlery was taken away and we trapped on the table, left talking to ourselves for a couple of hours.    If the number of tables did not allow for so many empty places this would have avoided the problem and maybe saved you some money?