Plenary Talks

The theme for the IWMW 2018 event is “Streamlining Digital“. The plenary talks at the event address aspects of this theme by describing ways of enhancing large-scale institutional digital services.

Details of the plenary talks are given below.

Wednesday 11 July 2018, Opening Session:
Learning From Stories

Session chairBrian Kelly, IWMW founder and IWMW 2018 co-chair
Talk P0: IWMW 2018: Introduction
Speaker: Brian Kelly
Talk P1: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier (In My Career)
Speaker: Alison Kerwin, University of York
Talk P2: Telling the Birkbeck Story: How Customer Journey Mapping Helped Us Develop Our New Approach To Web
Speakers: Jane Van de Ban, Birkbeck College and Chris Scott, Headscape

Thursday 12 July 2018, Morning Session 1: Working With Others

Session chair: Mike McConnell, University of Aberdeen
Panel PN1: Streamlining your Digital Activities: Blending Internal and External Services
Speakers: Piero Tintori, Adrian Binzaru, Carley Hollis and Claire Gibbons

Thursday 12 July 2018, Morning Session 2: Effective Digital Teams

Session chairClaire Gibbons, IWMW 2018 co-chair
Talk P3: Understanding Invisible Labour
Speaker: Gareth Edwards
Talk P4: Stress…and what to do when everything starts falling apart
Speaker: Andrew Millar, University of Dundee
Talk P5: Lightning Talks
Speaker: Open to all delegates!

Thursday 12 July 2018, Afternoon Session: It’s About Content!

Session chair: Kat Husbands, University of Glasgow
Talk P6: Don’t be Content with Average Content
Speaker: Dave Musson, The Native

Friday 13 July 2018, Morning Session 1: Institutional Case Studies

Session chair: Carley Hollis, University of St Andrews
Talk P7: User Needs, Content Design and Culture Change: Digital Transformation at the University of Southampton
Speakers: Ayala Gordon, University of Southampton & Padma Gillen, Llibertat
Talk P8: Student Recruitment Enquiries in CRM
Speaker:  Megan McFarlane & Mike McConnell, University of Aberdeen
Talk P9: Hands off – it’s ours! Taking back the reins
Speaker:  Keith McDonald, University of London

Friday 13 July 2018, Morning Session 2: Revisiting Content

Session chair: Gareth Edwards, University of Greenwich
Talk P10: Resurrecting the Content King
Speaker: Jenni Taylor, Cardiff University