IWMW events provide a valuable opportunity to reach members of institutional web management and digital teams

The annual IWMW event provides exceptional sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for vendors, agencies and consultants to achieve your marketing objectives. This page provides:

  • An overview of the benefits of sponsorship.
  • Details of the range of sponsorship opportunities which are available.

Benefits of Sponsorship

As described by Gordon Grace, Funnelback, in a video interview from IWMW 2016, sponsorship of IWMW events provides benefits for both sponsors and event attendees.

Feedback on Sponsorship

At the IWMW 2016 event we asked participants to give their feedback on the sponsorship at the event. The following comments were made:

  • The vendors play a huge part in IWMW, not only through funding it, but by exposing us to new ideas and concepts. However they also have a huge amount to gain from us. Financially for certain, but also picking up on new problems and trends that are affecting us.
  • [Sponsors provide] case studies which are relevant to HEI.
  • Outside views, opportunity to quiz people working in different environments (HE or not).
  • Easy way of seeing what is out there. Especially if you are not really looking for anything in particular but it’s keep you informed and up to date.
  • Great to hear their perspective on the sector and case studies, etc.

in addition to the financial benefits which sponsors can provide:

  • More funds to make the event as high-quality as possible (i.e. catering, coffee, social events etc.)
  • Better conference dinner.
  • I think the ability to keep the standard of the event up without raising the costs is a major point – getting sponsors to provide evening drinks / break refreshments / etc.

A summary of the feedback from the sponsors is given below.

  • Networking, Visibility, Insight … into what’s going on in HE
  • Meeting lots of accounts and prospects face-to-face in a short time period.
  • (1) Insights into how things are ‘in the trenches’. (2) Exposure. (3) Networking opportunities.

Sponsorship Packages For IWMW 2018

Interested and like to find out more? See the detailed information about the sponsorship packages for the IWMW 2018 event is now available.