Marketing Open Research: Social Media and Quantitative Metrics

Cancelled due to unavailability of the speaker.

In recent years there has been considerable progress towards ‘Open Access’ of research, albeit largely subverted by commercial publishers through a pay to publish model. Nevertheless, research can more easily be disseminated on the open web than in the past.

Web infrastructure in the modern university extends beyond the institutional website, comprising repositories, publishing platforms, blogs and social media and is central to the dissemination mission of a University, by extension the ‘research environment’ which might be leveraged to promote ‘impact’ as defined by HEFCE in the context of the REF.

It might be expected that in a fully ‘gold’ OA environment where outputs are freely available from publishers’ own websites, repositories lose their value but the main benefit of ‘gold’ is that outputs are typically released under Creative Commons, making it easier to aggregate into an Institutional Repository or CRIS and empowering institutions to disseminate their own research and monitor repository downloads.

A repository is also an ideal home for grey literature and research data, where IPR is more likely to be retained by universities which are increasingly minting DOIs for this type of content, ensuring persistence and enabling traditional and alternative metrics.

This workshop will explore the development of Library led social media initiatives at two different types of universities, examining local policies and challenges and presenting usage data from, Twitter Analytics and IRUS-UK including IRUSdata-UK (beta).

  • Leeds Beckett University is a post-1992 institution where a dedicated Twitter account was set up in 2010 to act as a dissemination channel from the repository and now has a follower count of over 3000, considerably more than comparable accounts at any other University.
  • The University of Leeds, by contrast, is a research intensive Russell Group University which hosts a number of research oriented Twitter accounts. In 2012 an account focussed on research data was set up in the Library as part of the Roadmap project but was used only sporadically before being rebranded in 2017 as ‘Open Research Leeds’ and used more actively to engage with the research community, to promote both OA research papers and research data as a primary research output in its own right.


  • Title: Marketing Open Research: Social Media and Quantitative Metrics
  • Type: Workshop session which lasts for 90 minutes
  • Hashtag: #A6
  • Facilitator: Nick Sheppard, University of Leeds
  • Date and time: 16.00-17.30 on Tuesday 11 July 2017

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