Links to the biographical details of the plenary speakers, master classes facilitators, workshop sessions facilitators and chairs of the plenary talk sessions at IWMW 2017 is given below, together with a summary of the profiles.

Session Chairs:

Plenary Speakers:

Workshop Facilitators:

Master Class Facilitators:


In brief at the time of writing there are:

  • 19 plenary speakers; 16 workshop facilitators and 12 master class facilitators.
  • 5 session chairs
  • A total of 44 individual speakers, facilitators or session chairs.
  • 10 female (20%) speakers, facilitators or session chairs and 36 males (80%) , including 6 female (32%) plenary speakers.
  • 27 who currently work at a higher education institution; 4 who work for an higher education agency; 10 who work for a company and 3 who are individual consultants.